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New Release!

Illustrated by the talented Natalie Herington, the book beautifully captures Charlie’s home and the vibrant Australian outback. Using all locally made Australian paints, Natalie adds texture and colour that perfectly complement the themes of the story. 

This book showcases Australian fauna and is an ideal read for children of all ages, igniting their imagination, and literally helping them to think outside the box.

Working with Natalie was a wonderful experience, and together we ensured that the text and illustrations aligned perfectly. This collaboration resulted in a delightful story that concludes with the emu and his newfound recycled friend, making it a memorable read for children.

Join Charlie on a whimsical adventure brimming with surprises and imagination. When his best mate, the postman, delivers a mysterious package, Charlie's day transforms into the best day ever. What could be in the box? Dinosaurs, pirates, or something completely unexpected? Perfect for teaching recycling, this book seamlessly combines imaginative play and anticipation with every page turn.

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