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BIodiversity Strategy - Ballian Shire Council


30 + watercolour illustrations of local flora, fauna and landscapes.


April 2023



Design Brief
PROJECT: Biodiversity Strategy
Project objective
To produce a visually pleasing strategy document (the Biodiversity Strategy) which will guide the
future of biodiversity management for the Ballina Shire community.
30 artworks to be used in an A4 full colour document, which will be published on the web and be
professionally printed.
Staff are aiming to have artwork finalised by mid-September at the latest, to ensure the draft
document can be presented and reported to Council in October 2022.
Artwork/Images required
Watercolor artwork is preferable and on a white or transparent background.
The artist is expected to supply up to 30 artworks as detailed below. Staff have a list of illustrations
which will be specific to the document and a list of suggested generic illustrations to be used
throughout. Both lists contribute to the 30 overall artworks.

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